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PNMA Membership Options:

  • Individual and School Memberships are activated for one year from the date of joining.  Join anytime for a full year!
  • For details go to the page for New Members or Renewal.  When your membership is active you have access to the Members Area of the website and your own Member Profile by logging in with your password. 
  • Annual membership renewal is prompted according to your original join date.   
  • Make payment online with our Paypal link or print invoice to mail with a check.  Our confirmation message contains a membership card.
  • Need help with your membership? email membership@pnma.org

NOTE: One email address accesses your profile.  If you wish to change it, first log in with the old address and then update your profile.  To set a new password, just use the "Change Password" button in the log in box.  To update your profile, use the"View Profile" button.  Explore the available tabs for photos and settings.

School Membership: School membership comes with one individual membership that is linked with all the school information and access link on our School Listings (a second administrative member may be added to the school bundle.)  This does not include membership for other school staff. When the director changes, notify the membership person so they can disconnect the school's membership from the previous director's name. Then you can set up the school membership in the new director's name.
The School is represented by PNMA at Education Fairs.  School members are invited to provide input on PNMA projects.

Teacher Ed Center Membership: This is an option for Montessori Teacher education administrators and can include one additional staff member.

Teacher Ed Students can be added as members for free for one school year under the sponsorship of one Teacher Ed Administrator.  Email the membership person the list of names and email addresses in order to get that set up. Following that year these teachers may leave that group to join as individuals.

PNMA Volunteer Form
 : To volunteer, please send us the form found in the link.  We invite members to become active volunteers during the year. Many of our activities are listed on our Board Responsibility Overview.

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