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Our History

PNMA is a non-profit professional organization, founded in 1962,  comprised of teachers, interns, administrators, and schools promoting excellence and growth in Montessori education. We are dedicated to working harmoniously in supporting, nurturing, and connecting Montessori professionals from diverse training backgrounds across the Pacific Northwest. 

PNMA serves as a resource for individuals interested in learning more about the Montessori philosophy, and provides information for parents in the process of selecting a quality Montessori school. All Montessori administrators, directors, teachers, guides, friends, and supporters are invited to become members of the PNMA.

Contact Us:  info@pnma.org  


2023-2024 Executive Officers:

  • President:  Mary Moore
  • Vice President: Elizabeth Truman
  • Secretary: Sue Fitzpatrick
  • Treasurer: Hilary Prentice

Committee Coordinators:


      • Advocacy: MACTE-Gulsevin Kayihan
      • Advocacy: WFIS -Aimee Allen
      • Advocacy: MPPI -Hilary Prentice
      • Advocacy: ELAC -Aimee Allen


  • Clock Hours Administrator: WFIS contact
  • MERIT Administrator: Aneta Lasek
  • Hospitality: Board Volunteers
  • Advisory Members: Chelle Downey-Mcgee, Gracie Martinez & Mary O'Brien

Additional Board Guests:

Leadership Meetings:

Regular Monthly meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday from 5:00-7:00 pm. 
Currently online by Zoom invitation and at Mercer Island Library
Members are welcome at meetings - please contact info@pnma.org about our upcoming agenda.


Our Community of Practice

The Montessori educators in our community have chosen careers in a progressive field and benefit from sharing in our growth. We often think of our work for children and for their families in the formal setting of our schools.  Much of the dedication and creative work we do is aimed to the classroom and environment we provide for their education. Yet we need to remember that our own preparation as teachers is never complete and is always in a process of growth and awakening to the child. Just as Maria Montessori was never finished in her contribution to the new education, we are also sharing the task of development. We share a profession and we share in the challenges and the success of our work.  This makes us a Community of Practice.

"Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better."  ~ Etienne Wenger 

Washington State Coalition for Montessori Educators

PNMA supports a state coalition for Montessori advocacy that will work alongside the AMI/AMS national coalition. 

PNMA has been at the forefront of WA states efforts at developing guidelines and policies around career/wage ladders, Early Achievers, and the laws and regulations being developed by  DEL. PNMA has been the voice of Montessori.

Leaders of AMI-USA and AMS are actively expanding their organizations to collaborate on behalf of Montessori educators at large. We are very excited for the opportunity for partnership on providing a united front at a national level. It WILL make a difference.

PNMA needs your help to make this happen. The efforts of our organization to support and expand Montessori education represent ALL Montessori educators as we have from the beginning.  Your participation helps us represent your values.

  • AMS Coalition Leaders for PNMA: Sue Fitzpatrick & Hilary Prentice  
  • AMI-USA Coalition Leader for PNMA: Gracie Martinez

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