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Bellevue Montessori School - Elementary Assistant Teachers

June 01, 2022 7:24 PM | Nancy NDCWebDesign (Administrator)

Contact: Kelly Yee

Email: hr@bellmontessori.com

Name of School/Organization: Bellevue Montessori School

School Website: www.bellmontessori.com/employment-opportunities

Age Group: 18 months to 12 years old

Description: We are looking for full-time Elementary Assistant Teachers to provide support for children in our elementary classrooms, 1st - 3rd and 4th - 6th, and in our elementary after-school Activity Club programs. This position's hours would be approximately: 10am-6pm.

When accepting a position with Bellevue Montessori School, candidate agrees to collaborate with other staff in providing a nurturing environment that supports a child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Teaching Assistants and AC staff facilitate the comprehensive development of all students by interacting positively, confidently and respectfully with all children, family and staff members. Teaching Assistants and AC staff are under the direct supervision of Head Teachers, the Elementary Program Coordinator and Activity Club Lead.

Some Expectations for Teaching Assistants and Activity Club Staff are as follows:

Provide Breaks, Lunch Coverage and Support for Elementary Staff between 10:00-3:15pm

In teams of two, oversee a group of up to 20 children between 3:15-6:00pm

Oversee Recess at Hidden Valley Park

Clean and rotate activities, books and art supplies regularly

Know and follow safety procedures

Set up After School snack

Offer opportunities to children to use their environment to answer their own questions as much as possible, guiding independence per the Montessori way

Facilitate small group activities (art, science, baking, circle activities, books and songs) with small after school groups, communicate material requests early

Engage in conversation with children to develop social skills, monitor conversations between peers to support community success and suggest alternative wording where appropriate

Use positive discipline techniques to help students gain self-discipline and learn how to settle their own disputes using conflict resolution skills

Leave the classroom clean and ready for the morning, use the three-step process to sanitize tables and chairs, leaving chairs on tables in preparation for our janitors.

You should definitely apply to this position if you are looking to develop a career in education and you would like to learn more about Maria Montessori’s internationally renowned teaching philosophy.

Some benefits of being a BMS Teaching Assistant and AC Support include:

The opportunity to directly impact the education of children positively

Being a part of our amazing reputation

Professional development programs for those who are interested in becoming a certified Montessori Instructor

Competitive Hourly Rate of $19.00 per hour

Health Insurance benefits options for full-time staff

Phone: (425) 454-7493

School Address: 2411 112th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

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