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WA Scholarships for Child Care Professionals

Apply for a Scholarship to support MACTE Montessori Course or complete BA in ECE.

Childcare Aware of Washington offers scholarships in two pathways available to educators working in centers qualified by Early Achievers ratings.  With 3 months of work in a center you may qualify for the scholarship  at any MACTE accredited Montessori Course WA state. 

Call ChildCare Aware at 1-866-308-3224 

 Learn more at the following links:

DEL Chart of Scholarships



We invite all Montessori Educators to join us for a year of connecting, growing, and learning. 

Members have full access to the features on this site and receive notification e-mails about our events.


Annual Membership Terms are set to renew based on your date of joining. Once you are a member you can take active part in the organization!

Volunteer/Board Member Application


In your first year of membership you can be sponsored by your Teacher Education Center or Internship Site if the center or site is a current member in our directory.

 Log into the site with your email and password to access your profile. Have you lost touch with your membership?  Need assistance with renewal?  Just send us a message and we can help you renew.  Stay current for all benefits. Contact Us at


Montessori School Verification

Montessori Schools may apply to gain verification by completing a checklist about your school and teacher credentials.

A PNMA verifier will visit the school and complete your process with you.


Montessori School Verification: 

The PNMA pilot program providing a pathway for Montessori schools to be recognized by WA state agencies has launched and is open for applications.  This phase applies to Early Childhood primary classrooms.

The Verification committee leads schools through the process and provides the Montessori professionals who will conduct school visits.  A training of these volunteers provides the capacity for us to serve the schools participating in the pilot.

The goal of the program is to have an accessible and supportive process in place for all Montessori schools by July 1, 2017.  Along the way we also work with our partners at DEL to assure success of the effort.  We anticipate recognition of the essential standards of practice in our early childhood programs.

Montessori Advisory with DEL:

The Department of Early Learning has a division of Quality Practice and Professional Growth.  Our liaison from this division, Rachael Brown-Kendall, meets with Montessori school leadership in a public forum quarterly.


Email Us at:

PNMA is a membership organization and non-profit in the State of Washington.  Our membership is inclusive of anyone who chooses to join us and we welcome Montessori Professionals of any certification.  Our roots of pedagogy and Montessori principles are the foundation of our professional community.  Membership is open at all times and renewed each year in September.  See our Membership page for more details.

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